We offer a full range of accessories and devices to ensure that your hearing aids work with your lifestyle.

Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices:

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  • Accessories
    • Ear Molds
      Custom-made ear molds are fabricated for use with behind-the-ear hearing aids.
    • Swim Plugs
      Custom-made swim plugs are designed for a superior water seal.
    • Musicians’ Ear Plugs
      Earplugs designed for those who are exposed to high sound levels for various time periods and need to hear accurately.
    • Batteries
      Premium hearing aid batteries are used to power all styles of hearing aids.
  • Assistive Listening Devices
    • Remote Controls
      Enables user to adjust volume, program, etc.
    • Wireless TV Listening Systems
      Wirelessly delivers high-quality stereo audio from the television and other sources directly to the listener’s ears without disturbing others in the household.
    • Wireless Connection to Cell Phones and Land Lines
      Wirelessly streams cell phone and land line calls to both hearing aids.
    • Wireless Connection to iPods or MP3 players
      Wirelessly streams music directly to both hearing aids.
    • Alerting Systems
      To alert an individual to activities around the home such as smoke detectors sounding, doors or windows opening, alarm clocks sounding and more.
    • Amplified Phones
      Provide the user with the additional power needed to improve speech understanding.
    • FM Systems
      Greatly enhances sound quality and improved speech understanding, even in the most difficult listening situations.


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