Firmware Updates

Recent developments in some hearing aid technology provides the ability to have firmware upgrades. This allows the client to upgrade the features of their hearing aids as the manufacturers make improvements and introduce new technology.
One of our favorite hearing aids – the Widex Moment, allows for those firmware upgrades.

Below are the steps to update your Moment Hearing aid from your smartphone.

Update on a Smartphone

• When the Widex MOMENT™ app is updated through the Apple® Store or Google Play, the phone will show the message in Figure 1 the next time the Widex MOMENT™ app is opened.

• Select “Start Update” and the app will then proceed to update the firmware in the Widex MOMENT™ hearing aids, and the message in Figure 2 will appear.

• This process can take up to 10 minutes depending on the amount of data being updated.

• Put fresh batteries in aids or make sure aids are sufficiently charged

• Keep the hearing aids in close proximity to the phone to expedite the process.

• The hearing aids will still be on during the update process; however, the Widex MOMENT™ app cannot be used until it is complete.

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