Hearing Health Means Better Hearing

Healthy hearing starts with regular visits to your Audiologist. Book an appointment with us today... before hearing loss sets in.

Make Your Hearing a Priority

The best way to take care of your hearing is to give it the same attention you would any other aspect of your health. For example, just as you would see your family dentist or doctor at least once a year, you should also make visits to your Audiologist a priority. Going for regular hearing checkups throughout your lifetime will ensure you’re not missing anything that life has to offer. Just one visit to Marco Hearing Health Centre will convince you.

Healthy Hearing

Good hearing allows us to enjoy life more fully. Simple things like talking on the phone, listening to our grandchildren laugh, and watching T.V. are more enjoyable when our hearing is healthy.

Auditory deprivation is a condition in which the brain is left without auditory stimulation. Regular assessments can help to identify and prevent one of the most common losses – noise-induced hearing loss. Eventually the brain may have difficulty processing or understanding sound it hasn’t heard over an extended period of time. Clarity is diminished, even if hearing devices are worn. If you experience a hearing loss and don’t wear hearing devices, your brain can actually lose its ability to understand. Simply wearing the proper devices in both ears can reduce the chances you’ll develop auditory deprivation. If a problem is detected early, preventative treatment is typically much more effective than waiting until the effects are obvious. This is yet another excellent reason to make a visit to your Audiologist part of your yearly healthcare routine.

Tinnitus Patient

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy:

Tinnitus refers to an auditory perception not produced by an external sound. Most individuals will describe tinnitus as hissing, ringing, or roaring.

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