At Marco Hearing Health Centre, we offer superior, high-end hearing aids that are small, chic, and comfortable.

The New Face of Hearing Aids

The latest hearing aids can connect wirelessly to your cell phone, home phone, iPod or TV. There are options that allow you to concentrate your hearing to the left, right, front or back, without having to turn your head, or to mute everyone in the room while you watch TV or talk on the phone. There is a program that plays random, harmonic tones that have been shown to help people relax and concentrate. And that’s not even all they can do!

Hearing aids don’t look or sound like they did 10 or even 5 years ago. The developments are truly exciting.

Hearing aids don’t just help you hear – they make your life better!

When you think of a hearing aid, an image of a big, intrusive appliance might come to mind; today’s aids are anything but. They are small, sophisticated and come in a variety of stylish models and colours. This means that enjoying the sounds around you can be easier than ever.

At Marco Hearing Health Centre we offer hearing aids that offer superior sound quality, speech intelligibility and overall improved hearing, particularly in difficult situations. Wearing our hearing aids for the first time is like being introduced to a high-end sound system.

Hearing aids are a worthwhile investment and we offer the latest technology combined with extensive experience to assist you with choosing the hearing aids that are right for you.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Styles:

Today’s hearing aids are far more advanced than you might imagine. The Marco Team can help you find the one that’s right for you.

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Hearing Device Accessories

Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices:

Experience all that life has to offer with the many accessories and assistive listening devices we have available.
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