Welcome to our Blog!

We’re taking the plunge into the world of blogging – and we’re really excited about it..

We’re hoping to use our blog as an opportunity to interact with our clients, their families and friends and the public in general. We, the Marco Team, have a real passion for what we do. We know we change peoples lives every day. We love the new technologies and what they can do for anyone with a hearing loss, whether it’s very mild – or if it’s severe. And we know our counseling and service can make all the difference. That’s why our slogan is: ‘One visit will convince you!’

Over the next few months we’ll be selecting topics that have arisen out of questions from clients. We’ll also use the blog to answer your questions and to keep you up to date on new and exciting developments in the field of Audiology, and in the rapidly changing technologies being used in today’s hearing aids.

Hope you’ll join us again! Please feel free to comment or email us.

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